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We have moved!  Our office is now located at Unit 24, 225 Sheldon Dr. Cambridge
The U-fill window is operational at our new location.

Our point of use home unit is now available.

Visit our Products page for details on our NEW Home Unit (HUE).  Available now!

Mineva is proud to represent and distribute ESIL technology in Canada and to provide local customers with access to ESIL treated water.  We offer home and office water delivery as well as a U-fill location.  More details can be found on the "Products" tab.

What is ESIL?

ESIL technology is a revolutionary method of water treatment that purifies water of contaminants while retaining the naturally balanced minerals that your body needs.  This is the final answer to your concerns about water treatment.

Discover ESIL Water Technology at:

Balance Your Body

Mission Statement

Our mission, at mineva is to aid in easy access to pure, balanced water becoming the norm for the global population.  

Become a mineva distributor

mineva is now seeking distributors.  If you would like to start a new business or offer ESIL treated water from your already existing store front, we offer affordable financing and startup packages.

Please view the file below for additional information and feel free to contact us at or 519-623-9100.

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