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Water Treatment Products.

Taking Care of Your Water

Treating your source water with ESIL equipment is the affordable and efficient choice.

drinking water treatment system

Under-counter System


Install it under your kitchen sink or in the basement. This unit comes with a tap to provide drinking water on demand.
This treatment system will:

  • Keep the natural minerals that are vital to your health.
  • Remove contaminants (heavy metals, pharmaceuticals).
  • Remove bacteria and viruses (E. coli, Giardia, Crypto).

System Benefits:

  • Wastes NO water.
  • Produces up to 500 gallons of treated water per day.
  • Uses only $0.04 of electricity to treat water for a month (based on usage about 1 hour/day).
  • Compact design for install under the kitchen sink or in the basement.


Whole home water treatment system

Whole Home System


Install it in the basement or utility room and conveniently mount it on the wall.  This unit will easily provide your entire home with treated water.  This method is great for challenging well water with bad taste, iron, or high sediment levels.

This treatment system will:

  • Remove contaminants such as heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, tannins, and iron.
  • Kill bacteria and viruses (E. coli, Giardia, Crypto)
  • Eliminate odors from your water and provide great tasting clean water.
  • Keep the natural minerals that are vital to your health

System Benefits:

  • No water wasted
  • Peak Flow: 5 Gallons per minute
  • Maximum Flow: 7,200 Gallons per day
  • Can improve performance and extend lifespan of softener
  • Wall mounted for space savings
  • ESIL treated water to every tap in your home/cottage

This system can also be used for commercial applications.

Commercial water treatment system

Agricultural Applications

ESIL provides dairy farmers with balanced water the herd requires.  The Information below on how electrolytic water treatment benefits your cows health, your milk production and your bottom line.

What Do Famers Notice About Properly Purified Water?

  • Increased Milk Yield
  • Increased Butterfat
  • Improved Feed Conversion
  • Lowers Somatic Cell Count
  • Reduced Incidences of Mastitis
  • Fewer cases of Tainted Milk

Providing enough quality water is essential for good livestock health and yield. Water makes up 80% of the blood, regulates body temperature and is vital for organ functions such as digestion, waste removal and the absorption of nutrients. Understanding daily livestock watering needs is key when designing a livestock watering system. ESIL works with farmers to provide water treatment that benefits the bottom line of operational cost.

ESIL is a conditioning system that takes any source water, treats in real time with NO wasted water, is easy to maintain and cost effective. It also removes heavy metals, chlorine, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and destroys bacteria. The system does all of this while leaving natural minerals in the water.

An ESIL system installed in your Dairy/Poultry operation will ensure you provide your herd or flock with purified water that is free from contaminants, pH balanced and has natural mineral content.

Greenhouse water treatment products

Cannabis Greenhouse Industry

While commercial Marijuana agriculture takes shape, ESIL is working with growers who need access to a reliable supply of water.

Many critical decisions go into choosing an optimal layout, lighting plan, irrigation system and climate-control design for a successful growing facility. One factor that is often overlooked is the importance of an adequate clean water supply. This is especially important as increasingly complex water issues can determine the success or failure of a growing operation. Production of high quality crops requires control of high quality inputs at every stage. Water quality is a critical component of crop success.

ESIL Solution
An ESIL water treatment system installed in your Greenhouse ensures starting out with clean water that is consistent and reliable. This in turn, ensures consistent results for every crop-cycle.

Introduction & Installation

With You Every Step of The Way

What’s In Your Water?

Under-sink unit (HUE400) Installation 

Introduction to ESIL technology

ESIL Filter Change


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