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Pure and simple. Good stays, bad removed.

Pure and simple. Good stays, bad removed.

What is the difference?

What is the difference between the ESIL Technology, Reverse Osmosis (RO), Spring Water, Micro Filtration, and Distilled?

Our technology employs electric energy directly into the water during the treatment process that, with the patented ESIL design, kills bacteria and breaks down harmful pollutants simultaneously; the result?  Water that is naturally pure AND minerally balanced – a healthful drinking water!

Isn't our tap water safe / dependable?

The mandate of public water utilities is to provide sanitized tap water (chlorinated).  In most cases it is safe, however, safe does not mean ‘HEALTHFUL’.  ESIL Technology ensures safe and healthful drinking water.

Minerals and Salts?

Why are the Minerals / Salts left behind?

Our technology is based on the most fundamental principle that governs all reactions in the material world. Depending on these minerals’ relative stability in the water, the most stable ones are able to resist the force during the process! These stable minerals remain in the drinking water and are vital for maintaining our health, as confirmed in the evolution of life. These minerals are also shown to be present in the pristine state of water in nature.

Does ESIL Treatment Waste Water?

ESIL AGRO systems do not waste ANY water.  We treat water in real time, through our 7 cell Agro-Block (modular design for upscaling).  

Compare this to R.O, which (even in the best case scenario) wastes water, resulting in cost to send water to sewer and extra cost for a wastewater reclamation system.

More About ESIL

Tell me more about this (ESIL) Electrolytic technology!

We did not invent electrolysis.  It was used for municipal water treatment in the early part of the century in the USA. Some of the early struggles / barriers included cost, engineering, batch mode, sheer size and manual labour.  These obstacles have been overcome with our innovative cell design! ESIL technology has taken an effective method and made it better!

Some of the great benefits of this technology are its adaptability to scale up or down, low power consumption and significant cost savings in maintenance and water usage.

Using the ESIL System Correctly

An ESIL system is the first point of disinfection and removal of bacteria, heavy metals and pharmaceuticals in your greenhouse, residence, or business.  The ESIL treated water will retain nutrients (minerals) that are vital to plant and animal health and help protect against growth deficiencies.

Positive Effects of ESIL Water

Water source, as a properly controlled input, has the potential to create large, consistent yields. For ESIL customers, the guesswork of what contaminants might be in your source water will be eliminated.  Starting with ESIL water removes water quality issues from the equation and ensures a consistent source, which leads the way to reliable health and harvests.

Why ESIL Water Matters

It’s very rare that facilities and growing operations have high quality water straight from the well or tap.  Many factors of industrialization and pollution affect our water supply.  Most professional operations are now factoring in water treatment to the initial design of a growing site.


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