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The Technology Behind mineva


As our sources of water become more threatened by contamination and depletion, the ability to effectively and efficiently recycle and reuse our most precious commodity has become a necessity. That’s now possible thanks to ESIL water technology marketed as mineva.

It may come as a surprise that the scientific concept which led to the development of ESIL technology has been around for a long time. Today, this patented system not only produces mineva water, but has potential applications around the world to make drinkable water from contaminated sources. The use of an electrolytic system to treat water was established in Britain in the late 1880’s and plants using steel electrodes existed in the United States in the 1900’s.

What ESIL Has Managed To Do


What ESIL has managed to do is take a proven concept known as “electrolysis” and developed a continuous flow process capable of producing drinking water from a range of contaminated water sources. Here’s a basic explanation of how and why the process works. It uses electricity for the disinfection of water.

The equipment used in the ESIL water technology consists of multiple series of electrolytic cells containing anodes and cathodes. Low-voltage direct current (DC) is applied as water continuously flows through a labyrinth of holes in the cathodes. The bacterial, parasitic and viral organisms are killed within the ESIL cell.

The electrical current forces all possible reactions in the water to take place.  Heavy metals are rendered inert and neutral. Synthetic organic compounds (dioxins and PCB’s) are effectively shattered and broken down. The inert particulates formed after the process are easily removed by standard filtration.

While the process does remove the contaminants, it does NOT remove the naturally occurring mineral salts that make drinking water such an important part of maintaining a healthy body.

ESIL Conditioning System

ESIL is a conditioning system that takes any source water, treats in real time with NO wasted water, operates on pennies per month, is easily maintained and cost effective.  It also removes heavy metals, chlorine, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and destroys bacteria.  An ESIL system does all of this, while leaving natural mineral content in the water.

An ESIL system installed in your Dairy/Poultry operation will ensure you provide your herd and flocks with purified water that is free from contaminants, pH balanced and has natural mineral content.

ESIL treatment removes the following contaminants from your water:

  1. Heavy Metals
  2. Chemical Contamination, leached pesticides..etc
  3. Bacteria, Viruses, Pathogens.
  4. Pharmaceuticals
It’s very rare that facilities and growing operations have high quality water straight from the well or tap.  Many factors of industrialization and pollution affect our water supply.  Most professional operations are now factoring in water treatment to the initial design of a growing site.

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